Past Life Regression Therapy

Please read description for full details (not available on Saturdays)

  • 1 or 15 minuti
  • 90 British pounds

Descrizione del servizio

Toni Hunt will be your practitioner for this session and she has been a teacher & practitioner for over 20+ years! What is Past Life Regression Therapy? If there is a block within your life that isn’t being shifted by one of our normal energetic therapies, it’s possibly because it’s a past life issue/trauma that is creating the block and stopping you from moving forward. Irrational fears usually arise from this type of blockage, as well as many other issues, we can close ourselves off through fear and this could potentially get in the way of living a happier life more aligned with your destiny also helping to alleviate fears that are keeping you stuck. Benefits *Can reduce/remove physical pains *Remove stress and provide a more relaxed nature *Remove trapped energies *Provide a more positive outlook in life *Gain control over past issues *Elevate control over your mind, body and spirit ***DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PAST TO DICTATE YOUR FUTURE*** It can assist to significantly improve specific mental or physical health conditions and overall wellbeing. What happens during your Past Life Regression session? You shall arrive within plenty of time, suggested 10 minuets prior to your appointment giving yourself time to be relaxed ahead of the session. You shall be asked to turn off any distraction devices such as mobile phones prior to the session beginning. You shall be invited to the therapy room where you shall remove only shoes & outdoor coats for comfort, before being asked to lay on the therapy bed. Once upon the therapy bed Toni shall place a blanket over you before beginning. We use background sounds to help with meditative states for the session. * This therapy session will take approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the use of crystals & sounds you will undergo regression hypnosis to bring about healing and understanding of the self in this life, enabling a better future. Once your session is complete, you will be offered a drink of water. We advise all our clients to have a snack and hydrate post session. If you would like to know if Past Life Regression Therapy is the treatment for you, please feel free to contact us prior to booking! *Full booking T&Cs can be found via our Witchy T&Cs page.

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Please see our website witchy terms & conditions for full details. It is important you read this information prior to booking.

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